Congratulations to Tom and Jamie Knofczynski and Tom and Josie Swinarski!!!!

2014 was an extremely busy and joyous year for the Swinarski family as we  celebrated two weddings, adding members to our ever growing family.  We wish Tom and Jamie Knofczynski and Tom and Josie Swinarski a lifetime of love and togetherness as they move forward in their betrothed lives.

We are one of the Swinarski families from Omaha, Nebraska. In our case we are the children and grandchildren of Dan and Ann Swinarski. We now have family members in the Omaha, Denver and the Indianapolis areas.

We do have several galleries available via the link below on your right. Some of these are password protected so please contact your nearest Swinarski for information on how to view them, or email Jerry at jswinars@yahoo.com.

Newly Added and Updated Galleries!!!!
All Galleries Including Several From Both Weddings

2 XXL Swinarski University T-Shirts and 2 Swinarski University baseball caps are still available!!!

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Family Dinner Log:

1/29/2012 Cheddars (Jerry)
2/26/2012 Applebees (Sharon)
3/25/2012 Mojo's Smokehouse (Jamie)
4/29/2012 Novotny Family (Moe's)
5/27/2012 Valentino's (Sarah)
6/17/2012 Cunninghams (Harold)
7/15/2012 Pizza Ranch (Sharon)
8/26/2012 Carlos O'Kellys (Harold)
9/29/2012 Carrabba's (Ralph/Effie)
10/21/2012 Lum's Cafe (Sharon)
11/4/2012 Greg's House (Jamie B-Day)
11/29/2012 Sharon's House (TG)
12/25/2012 Greg's House (XMAS)
1/27/2013 DJs Dugout (Jerry)
3/3/2013 Railcar (Jamie)
3/24/2013 Clancy's (Ralph/Effie)
4/21/2013 Sgt Peffers (Harold)
5/10/2013 Valentino's (Sarah)
6/30/2013 Pizza Ranch (Sharon)
7/14/2013 Lansky's (Tom)
8/11/2013 Bravo Cucina (Greg)
10/6/2013 Famous Dave's (Sharon)
11/3/2013 Greg's House (Jamie B-Day)
11/28/2013 Golden Corral (TG)
12/25/2013 Greg's House (XMAS)
1/26/2014 Cheddars (Greg)
2/23/2014 Venice Inn (Ralph/Effie)
5/18/2014 Pizza Ranch (Sarah)
6/1/2014 Lindsay, NE. (Fr. Jim)
6/8/2014 Nebraska Brewing (Tom/Jamie)
7/13/2014 Cheddars (Dan)
8/24/2014 Cheesecake Factory (Sharon)
9/21/2014 Cheddars (Jamie)
11/2/2014 Rock Bottom (Jamie)
11/27/2014 Golden Corral (TG)
12/25/2014 Jerry's House (XMAS)

January Family Dinner: TBD